My Light Skin Privilege

I had a strange interaction on Twitter recently, where someone claimed I was ‘caucasian’ and it got me thinking about my light skin privilege. From the beginning. I posted this tweet in 2015: ‘survey finds that middle class, private schooled, white men dominate the creative industry’ — peatree bojangles (@peatreebojangle) November 24, 2015 After Read more about My Light Skin Privilege[…]

Anti-Black Racism in the Indian Community

(I’m not here to defame Indians, I’m here to open a discussion about racism in India, as it’s largely ignored) I see a lot of discussions on Twitter and outside of it, where Indians are very pro-black activism (including myself), without talking about the anti-black racism we grew up with inside our culture. Being a Read more about Anti-Black Racism in the Indian Community[…]

Pea Bo’s Early Christmas Message

I remember bitterly writing something about this last year. Oh yes, HERE it is. This isn’t going to be all that different. The sentiment is the same. Christmas is fucking awesome, but not because it makes me feel all gooey and family orientated. I like the time off, the booze and the endless fucking food. Read more about Pea Bo’s Early Christmas Message[…]

Being Brown In This Town

It’s been a strange few years. Since the attacks in New York’s Twin Towers, things have been a bit…tense. The world was finally confronted with terrorism at face value, and from then on became suspicious of everything around them. We started seeing signs on transport to be weary of ‘suspicious bags’ and to contact someone Read more about Being Brown In This Town[…]

Let’s Talk About Anne Heche

You may recognise Anne Heche from films such as Volcano, Six Days Seven Nights and Psycho; a fairly relatable young woman, with a pretty face and average skills in acting. While you may recognise her, what you will not know is her issues with mental health. Our dear fragile Anne Heche has gone through nothing Read more about Let’s Talk About Anne Heche[…]