Editor, Animator, Designer and Bad Ass Bitch

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Burnt Roti

Creator and editor of South Asian print and online lifestyle magazine that tackles mental health, women’s right, colourism, celebrity interviews and much more!

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Parliamentary Digital Services

The Digital Service is here to help Parliament become digital-first. Here I have written blog posts in my role as a Content Designer.

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Freelancing as Peatree Productions LTD, to create animations and social video campaigns for clients such as Comedy Central UK and Shelter.

Peatree Bojangles a.k.a Sharan Dhaliwal
She talks a lot, she likes to party, she's one of them 'creatives' and she's older than she looks.

Sharan is the creator of South Asian lifestyle magazine Burnt Roti, a Content Designer for UK Parliament and a freelance Animator.

When she’s not taking selfies, you can find her on panel talks, the radio and publications tackling issues of representation, and beauty standards.

She has also written essay’s on plastic surgery, body hair, dual identities and working in the creative sector.

Sharan is London based and available for any appearances and potential work.

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