Creating work in a variety of styles, using mediums from paint, to photoshop. I create posters, merchandise, canvas paintings, design social posts and so on.

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The enigma known as Peatree Bojangles

One day, a young strange woman appeared from the sea. Everyone looked on in awe as she seemed to float towards them. Their eyes transfixed on her movement, they were unaware of the various hands that glided towards them. The threatening motion only filled them with love, for this creature will not hurt them. Her hands seems to caress each and every one of their necks, but so gently, so painlessly. She cranes her neck and whispers melodically in their ears: 'BUY SOME WORK, GUYS. I HAVE TO PAY MY BILLS SOMEHOW, FOR FUCK'S SAKE'.


They've been saying WHAT?!



My Light Skin Privilege

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Anti-Black Racism in the Indian Community

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Re-casting X Men

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Learning English

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